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Atlanta, Georgia is among the fastest-growing areas in the US, drawing people in from all over the country to experience its rich culture and commerce.
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What is it like to live in Atlanta?

Atlanta, Georgia is among the fastest-growing areas in the US, drawing people in from all over the country to experience its rich culture and commerce. While a fast-growing and developing area can mean construction zones, detours, and traffic, Atlanta’s surrounding natural landscape and beauty continues to draw people to it and makes up for the construction work. There are many outlets for exploring the outdoors and enjoying nature, including several nature parks and reserves situated throughout the city, the Chattahoochee River flows through the city, and Stone Mountain is located just north of the city.  

Economy of Atlanta, Georgia

Lower cost of living and great employment opportunities continue to entice millennials, families, and retirees to the area. Atlanta is one of the top cities for young professionals starting up their careers, especially entrepreneurs and professionals in the tech and creative industries.  

Atlanta also has the third-most Fortune 500 companies in the US. Career-minded professionals seek to join these companies headquartered in the Atlanta metro area, as well as its other major industries such as energy, aerospace, agribusiness, and film. The film industry specifically has grown in the area and created tens of thousands of jobs in the state, giving Atlanta the reputation of being the “new Hollywood.” 

Home buyers have found that they can purchase more house on larger lots than many other parts of the country, and the cost of building is fairly inexpensive as well.  

Real Estate Market in Atlanta, Georgia

Best areas to live in Atlanta, Georgia area:

Atlanta is divided into suburbs and neighborhoods, each with its own set of attractions and charm. There are areas for everyone in every stage of life. Single professionals, families, and retirees can all find satisfaction in their perfect niche. Here are some of the best neighborhoods to live in Atlanta:

Virginia Highland:

Located east of Ansley Park and near Downtown, the area is made up of four interconnected villages. You can find many historic homes in the midst of this small, charming community, with styles ranging from modern bungalows to townhouses to old Victorian homes. This area attracts families, students, and artists.  

Average home price: $750,000

Average rent: $1,800


Located north of Midtown, this upscale, affluent neighborhood is home to many athletes and celebrities. Shopping, fine dining, entertainment, and celebrity sightings are just some of its attractions. Homes in this neighborhood are on the pricier side.  

Average home price: $1,000,000

Average rent: $1,990

Old Fourth Ward:

This is one of Atlanta’s perfect communities for students, young professionals, artists, and first-time homebuyers looking for a newer, affordable neighborhood. It’s located east of Downtown and south of Midtown. There are many parks and places to bike and walk as well.  

Average home price: $350,000

Average rent: $1,750


Conveniently located in Atlanta’s cultural epicenter, Midtown allows for easy access to transportation, parks, dining, shopping, and Midtown’s arts district. There is a wide range of home styles for homeowners, from modern to old Victorian homes.

Average home price: $700,000

Average rent: $1,930

Druid Hills:

Located just east of Downtown, this area is home to professionals, many of Atlanta’s elites, and public officials. An elegant, quiet neighborhood, with some of the area’s top schools and beautiful landscapes, this area provides a peaceful experience in the middle of the city.

Average home price: $600,000

Average rent: $1,750


Affordable, family-friendly, with small-town charm, this area is perfect for students and first-time homebuyers. Located east of the city, it provides numerous parks and nature areas. It is also near universities like Georgia State and Georgia Tech along with the airport.  

Average home price: $300,000

Average rent: $1,375


Decatur is technically a city in its own right, this area is home to both Agnes Scott College and Emory University, and offers a hip, artistic scene. Affordable and diverse, this is a great area for singles, students, and young professionals.  

Average home price: $500,000

Average rent: $1,200

Adair Park:

Located southwest of Downtown, this area is up-and-coming, with competitive home prices. Its proximity to the airport, local attractions and amenities, and transportation make it a great location, perfect for first-time homebuyers and students.  

Average home price: $200,000

Average rent: $990

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