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How Edwin and Elizabeth Went From Paying Rent to Building a Legacy

A relocation had Edwin and Elizabeth seeking homeownership. Rent-to-own gave them time to prepare.
Pathway Homeowners

A recent relocation had Edwin and Elizabeth seeking the financial stability that homeownership provides in their new town. They began house hunting but needed time to replenish their savings for a down payment and to find a trustworthy local lender, which led them to pursue rent-to-own programs. “The people we got in touch with at Pathway, from customer support to the director we spoke with, all had incredible people skills,” Edwin shared.

Just 48 hours after completing their application, Edwin and Elizabeth were approved. After their approval, they began shopping for their dream home and were able to close quickly. “We were very specific in what we wanted in a home. When I saw this house, all the boxes were checked and that’s when we knew we wanted it… and Pathway helped make it happen,” said Elizabeth.

As lifelong goal-setters, owning their home became Edwin and Elizabeth's top priority. Once they moved in, they built a plan starting on day one. “We set up a goal to buy the home in two years and set money aside from our paychecks to save for the down payment,” Elizabeth explained.

Their discipline paid off. In less than their original goal of two years, all while renting their dream home, they saved enough for the down payment and were ready to buy the home. “We thought it was going to take longer. From the beginning there was transparency about the rent and purchase price for each year. It gave us a clear target and we moved forward from there. Since we were ready to buy mid-lease, I spoke with the team at Pathway, and they told me all they needed was 60 days’ notice. We didn’t even have to pay the remainder of our lease before buying,” Edwin recounted.

Now, Edwin and Elizabeth are enjoying the financial stability of homeownership in a home they love. “This is our little slice of paradise. Our flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and we get to enjoy the coastal breeze,” Edwin shared joyfully. Part of that stability came with being able to “test drive” the home and neighborhood first through rent-to-own.

We got to know our area, meet our neighbors, and try the local shopping and restaurants. Once we decided that this was the home we wanted, we were able to purchase it,” Elizabeth added. 

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