September Special - Agent Advantage
(Now extended through October!)

Earn more commissions with Pathway Homes!

Agents, thank you for everything you do. Your work is invaluable. Every day you help make dreams come true. You bring families together and help open the door to a lifetime of memories. Together, we can help eliminate some of the challenges buyers face and put you in a position to help more people, sell more homes and earn more commissions.
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How does the Agent Advantage Special work?

  • Earn a $5,000 commission when your client rents a new construction home
  • Earn a 2.5% commission when your client purchases the new construction home they rented from Pathway Homes anytime after Year 1

How do I get paid?

  • Your $5,000 commission will be paid at lease move-in.
  • 2.5% of the total sales price, minus $5,000, will be paid when your client closes on the home.
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Pathway Homes' modern, rent-to-own program is perfect for your Clients who:

  • Are ready to buy, but aren't mortgage-ready
  • Want to save on their monthly payments
  • Are working on their credit and building a down-payment
  • Want to try before they buy (because they're relocating or exploring a new area)
  • Are waiting for mortgage rates to go down in the future
  • Are ready for an amazing, New Construction home!

What is the customer underwriting criteria for Pathway Homes’ rent-to-own program?