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Rent-to-Own Homes for Sale in Phoenix, AZ 


What is it like to live in Phoenix?  

Phoenix and the surrounding area see more sunshine than any other metro area in the country. Often that is enough in itself to invite people to settle and enjoy the sunny climate; but there are many other features that attract homebuyers and professionals to the city, including a thriving job market and lower cost of living. From its modern downtown, to sports stadiums, shopping, arts districts, and fine dining, as well as hiking and natural areas nearby, Phoenix has a wide range of amenities to offer.  

Economy of Phoenix, Arizona

The city was traditionally built around manufacturing and tourism. Manufactured products include aircraft parts, electronics, agricultural chemicals, leather goods, and native American crafts. Tourism is a huge part of the economy, with more than ten million visitors flocking to Phoenix each year. In recent decades, the economy has also broadened into tech, service, and financial industries. Population and economic growth have made Phoenix the center of Arizona’s economy and an attractive and profitable place for new homeowners to live.  

Real Estate Markets in Phoenix, Arizona

Scottsdale: For new homebuyers and families, this area may be more suitable and residential. This area is home to an older, more mature crowd located near commercial areas. It is known for its upscale shopping, luxury spas, and fine dining. Nearby are several hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails in McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  

Average home price: $750,000 

Average rent: $1,915 

Downtown Phoenix: If you’re looking to be in the middle of commerce, art, and culture, Phoenix’s downtown is a great option for you. You can enjoy Phoenix’s sporting events, concerts, and nightlife. Public transportation makes it easy to get about without a vehicle, and downtown is easy and walkable as well.  

Average home price: $485,000 

Average rent: $1,400 

Paradise Valley: Sometimes known as the “Beverly Hills of the Southwest,” Paradise Valley is home to multi-million dollar properties on the cliffside, golf courses, resorts, and spas.  

Average home price: $2,900,000 

Average rent: $1,600 

Arcadia: Considered one of the best places to live in Arizona, Arcadia is one of Phoenix’s most popular and beautiful neighborhoods; making it a great location for work, culture, entertainment, and amazing landscapes. A great place for newcomers and longtime residents alike, this area is perfect for young professionals, families, and retirees. 

Average home price: $1,300,000 

Average rent: $1,400 

Glendale: Glendale is the fourth-largest city in Arizona, located just northwest of the Phoenix metro area. The suburb is a thriving mini metropolis, with plenty of shopping, sports, restaurants, and antique stores. There are many historic homes in the area. 

Average home price: $390,000 

Average rent: $1,300 

Tempe: Along with Arcadia, Tempe is considered one of the best places to live in Arizona. Here you’ll find many parks, restaurants, and shops. The majority of the residents rent homes, and it is a great spot for young professionals and families.  

Average home price: $450,000 

Average rent: $1,700 

Pathway Homes & Rent-to-Own Programs in Phoenix, AZ

Pathway can help you afford your dream home in Phoenix, Arizona. With our rent-to-own programs in Phoenix, Arizona, we offer homeowners the ability to buy the home of their dreams with zero down payment and the flexibility to work with their particular financial situations. We created rent-to own home programs to help new homeowners reach their goals and be able to afford their homes much sooner than other available options can afford.  

  • HomeStart program: This program requires zero down payment. The only thing customers have to pay is a security deposit. If anything happens with the house and/or appliances, we will cover maintenance and pay to have those things repaired. With this program, you can take the time you need to rent as long as you want, or to buy your home when you are ready.  
  • Savings Match program: With this program, customers put down a 2.5% savings deposit. Renew your lease or buy whenever you are ready. After a couple years of renting from us, we will then match the initial deposit should you choose to purchase a home with Pathway. The money invested in this program will work toward the home’s down payment. 

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